Here it is, the next in the line of “great magazines featuring articles by yours truly”. Beyond Ordinary Living appeared in the mail today. The article in this one is about losing Matthew and about finding healing at the common grave he shares with hundreds of other stillborn children.

It’s a nice treat to appear in the same magazine that features Steve Bell, an amazing musician, and lately, a personal friend of mine.

It’s the third interesting and unique independent Canadian magazine I’ve been published in in the last two months. (Geez and Cahoots are the last two.) If you live in Canada, you can find Beyond Ordinary Living at Chapters, and the other two mags at McNally Robinson. I’m thrilled to have found a place in all three of these magazines that all have great potential to spice up the scenery on an otherwise rather dull magazine rack.

I met the editor of BOL at a recent conference (where, incidently, she received an award for best new magazine) and she was a delightful lunch companion. Ethel, if you read this, the magazine is beautiful and I’m honoured to be a part of it!

Now, for the rest of you, go out there and buy the magazine so that people like Ethel can keep a good thing going!

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