Last month, when we had our big birthday/graduation celebration, I introduced my friend Suzanne to my friends Michele, Yvonne, and Linda. Shortly after the introduction, I wandered away to greet some other new arrivals at the party. Well, by the time I returned to the conversation, the four women had discovered that they were kindred spirits (they recognized the signs when Suzanne produced a crystal wine glass so she could drink wine in style at an outdoor party) and a dinner party was well on it’s way to being arranged. Since I was the common link, I sent out an e-mail, arranged the date, and voila, it was done. About the easiest dinner party I’ve ever “organized”, considering I didn’t host it and all I brought was the bread!

Along the way, we picked up a couple of other like-minded women (Michele’s friend Glenda was visiting from Ontario, and Michele’s other friend Asha was another natural fit). My sister ccap would have been included too, but she’s traveling right now. Maybe next time.

Well, what can I tell you? It was a hoot! Suzanne has an amazing, character home that she’s put all kinds of beautiful touches into (she’s got style, that girl). It was the perfect setting for the night. We ate amazing food – barbecued chicken skewers, shrimp skewers, mediterranean rice, stuffed squash, mediterranean salad, lemon potatoes, bread, baklava – ummmmm… And the wine was flowing. Glenda brought some from the Niagara Peninsula, and Michele started raiding Suzanne’s wine cabinet when that ran out (apparently Michele has expensive tastes, because she picked the best).

What a night! Seven amazing women, with lots of interesting life experiences (and a little gossip) to share, great senses of humour, lots of wisdom and brilliance – it was a memorable night. Everyone needs friends like these!

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