Every year at this time, my sister and I pack our backpacks with tarps and hats and sunscreen and tie-dyed headbands, fill coolers with snacks and cold water, grab our Mad Nomad chairs, kiss our husbands good-bye, and make our annual three day pilgrimage to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. It is one of the greatest places on earth – good music, the great outdoors, good food, interesting conversations, relaxation, sun (and sometimes rain), and lots of people-watching. It’s been about 18 years now, and there are few things in life that would cause either of us to miss this weekend. My sister even planned her honeymoon around it!

If you are lucky enough to be there too, you can find us (at least in the evenings) by our new tarp-marker. (The words printed on it are the poems ccap and I had published in the FF program a few years ago.)

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