Well, harvest gold it is, and harvest gold it shall remain. I’ve decided I’m not repainting the bathroom. And here are my reasons why not:
1. It’s starting to grow on me. Or at least I’m resigning myself to it.
2. Even Marcel agreed that it doesn’t look that bad – he can live with it. (He only had a small grimace on his face when he said it.)
3. Once I paint the cupboards and the trim white, and sew some blue and white striped curtains, it will look downright cheery.
4. I’m too lazy to repaint.
5. I don’t want to ruin the rest of my holidays with more painting. I like painting, but I can only take so much.
6. Harvest gold is all about bringing a little nature into the room. Who doesn’t want a little nature in their bathroom?
7. It will definitely wake us up in the morning.
8. If you sit on the toilet, squint your eyes, and let your mind wander, you can almost convince yourself it’s still the seventies, you’re a teenager, and your biggest worry is whether or not a boy flirted with you at school.
9. My other bathroom is perfectly lovely, and THAT’s the one you’d get to see if you visited my house anyway. Trust me, you’d like it, with its minty green walls and white fixtures. Maddie still goes in there, a year after it’s been redone, and says “hmmmm…this is a pretty bathroom.”
10. The toilet’s not so lonely anymore.
11. Haven’t you heard? Harvest gold is the new colour trend for 2007. As always, I’m one step ahead of fashion. Wanna know what shoes you should be wearing next season?
12. I could always cut a piece out of the orange and brown carpeting in the basement (the stuff that’s so ugly it looks like the seventies puked all over it) and replace the flooring in the bathroom! Then you’d swear you’d hit a time warp! It might be a fun little party game, after people have had too much to drink.
13. As darien suggests, I can always tone it down with a little white someday if I get really tired of it.

And that, my friends, is my “trying to make lemonade out of lemons” decision. Perhaps, once it’s done, I’ll share a picture and you’ll all wish you could hire me out as your personal decorator! Take a number. I’ll get back to you when I’m finished painting my kitchen Avocado Green.

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