After our romp in the rain last week, the girls have been determined to relive the moment. Every time it threatens to rain, their eyes light up and they begin to fantasize about another opportunity to dash out among the raindrops. About fifteen minutes ago, after the girls were already in bed, the thunder started and then the rain followed shortly thereafter. Within moments, all three were out of their beds and coming down the stairs to where I am on the computer. “Can we go outside in the rain?” Maddie asked, her eyes aglow. I chuckled at her eagerness, but because it’s already been a long day at the beach and it’s late, I had to say no. Moping, they all wandered off to bed.

I think it has something to do with the fact that romping in the rain felt a little like “breaking the rules”. There’s something about doing something a little goofy – especially with your MOTHER – that feels decadent and indulgent. I remember the same thing as a child. My mom was famous for starting water fights – especially at church picnics where all the other grown-ups would sit around being serious like grown-ups are fond of doing. Probably out of boredom with all the grown-up conversation, she’d grab some cups and star splashing people with water.

My mom still knows how to have fun. We went to the beach today with my mom, my sister and baby Abigail, and I was reminded why I like my mom so much. (It’s good to have those reminders, because sometimes I forget.) She’s always the first one romping in the water with the kids, clamouring on inner tubes – you name it. My kids adore her and it’s no surprise, because she’s such a fun grandma. She still knows how to “break the rules” of being a grown-up. She’s proud to be one of the only grandmas around who still likes to climb trees with the kids.

I think it’s because they’re raised with a fairly healthy respect for “the rules” that our daughters (just like myself and my siblings) appreciate the little moments when “the rules” get tossed aside and fun is the number one priority. For that, I have a good role model in my mother.

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