Thirteen completely unrelated things:

1. I had a lovely lunch with my friend Suzanne today. Her life is in a really good zone right now (job promotion, re-united with her boyfriend, etc.), which makes me happy because it hasn’t always been that way.

2. Michele, if you left your casserole dish and cheese grater at Suzanne’s house, you can go pick it up sometime. But if you’re going to go there and hang out and drink wine with her for a couple of hours, don’t go without me ‘cause I’d be jealous. Maybe we should have a “picking up your casserole dish” dinner party. Sounds like a good excuse.

3. That little sort-of-regular writing gig I had lined up? Yeah, well, after the first publication where 2 of my pieces appeared, the magazine (called Words of Life) folded. Bummer. I really liked that gig. But the editor liked me and said that in her next job (still working for a publishing company) she’d keep me in mind.

4. I have to pee right now but I don’t feel like getting up.

5. I wish I had a chocolate bar. Mmmmm… chocolate…

6. I have a tentative writing assignment for another magazine, so all is not lost.

7. Next week I get to meet a blogger friend. Whoopee! I’ll tell you more about it later.

8. I have a painting of a hot air balloon hanging on my office wall. It was painted by an old veteran in a veteran’s home in Montreal. It makes me want to float away. Maybe the old veteran wanted to float away sometimes too. It seemed like a sad place to grow old, where you had to share a room with 4 or 5 other old people with only a thin curtain between you.

9. I need a good book to read. I usually have a stack of books I haven’t read on my bed-side table, but I’ve worked my way through most of them. Any recommendations?

10. I don’t like it when I find a blog I like to read, and I leave lots of friendly comments, but the person never reciprocates. It makes me feel like a stocker or something. Or when I’m feeling insecure, it makes me feel like my blog is too boring for them to make the effort. Before long, I give up and skulk away.

11. My period must be coming soon, because I’m craving all kinds of unhealthy things. Maybe a chai latte or a coke to go with that chocolate. Mmmmm….

12. Maddie seems to be past her “crying before daycare” phase. Yesterday she told me “Mom, my crying days are SO over.”

13. I still have to pee. Now that I’ve gotten to thirteen, I’m outta here before I burst!

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