Double by-pass plus valve replacement. He’s in recovery. It’s a wonder what they can do nowadays.

Not much else to say today. The girls and I attended movie night at school. Got to see Over the Hedge again. That’s one of my favourite kids’ movies of late. I LOVE Hammie’s slow motion scene. It was worth it just to see that scene again.

Coming out of the school tonight, gentle snow was falling. It’s hard not to like snow when it comes down so soft and gentle and the children dash outside to try to catch it on their tongues. The seasons of time are just as they should be, covering the ground with white so that it can rejuvenate and recover in time for another Spring.

Perhaps my father-in-law will be out in his garden again, come Spring. I can’t imagine him without his garden and his John Deere lawn tractors.

For now, though, Fall has settled in, and just like Hammie with his nuts, it’s time for the long rest.

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