1. When you open my blog, does the background come up as black with brown text? A couple of people have complained that it’s hard to read, but it’s SUPPOSED to be a light tan colour with black text. I have no idea why it looks different for some people. If you have any ideas, let me know.

2. Why is it that just when you’ve whipped your budget into shape, finally gotten to a place where you’re not living pay cheque to pay cheque and actually have a small but growing emergency fund, your computer monitor starts screeching, smoke starts pouring out the back, and then suddenly Gina’s blog shrinks to a tiny peephole in the centre of the screen? (Sigh. Guess the good news is that the small emergency fund at least afforded us a nice flatscreen that I’m quite enjoying.)

3. Has anyone heard from Laura? Her blog disappeared and she’s not responding to e-mail. I’m starting to miss her, and so is Liz.

4. Should I be nice to the deliquent graphic designer whom I turfed and who has now come grovelling?

5. How long does it take for a ruptured eardrum to heal? ‘Cause I’m getting kinda sick of yelling at Maddie who’s nearly deaf these days.

6. Do you tell the truth on your blog? ‘Cause MJ’s post makes me wonder who’s truthful and who’s making it all up. I suck at lying, so it’s hard to fathom people who would concoct a completely fabricated persona. Just so you know, I can tell you that ccap, michele, linda, ap, pamero, corrie, and krista all tell the truth, because I know them – in person. And now that I’ve met karla, I’m pretty convinced she tells the truth too (at least that lump in her stomach sure doesn’t look like a pillow). Ask any one of them, and I’m pretty sure they’ll vouch for me too, ’cause I ain’t no liar (though I might embellish for effect now and then).

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