So glad some of you missed me a little. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The trip was good. Mostly. There were a few times I wanted to whack somebody up-side the head (like last night when I almost didn’t get a flight home because they’d over-booked the flight), but there were a lot more times when I wanted to hug somebody, so the good out-weighed the bad.

Mostly, I wanted to hug Karla, but because I was suffering from a whopper of a cold, I resisted for fear of infecting her with whatever bug has been dragging my body through the mud. Karla is just what I imagined, proving that you CAN get to know someone in a genuine way in cyber-space. She is gracious, smart, kind, funny, and compassionate. She has a deep soul that makes me want to know her more. I can’t wait until the next time I am in Toronto to see her with her baby, because I KNOW she will be an amazing mom. Thanks for making time for me Karla! I’m glad I can call you friend. (Perhaps I’ll post a blogger-meet-up photo later, once I get around to downloading the pics.)

What else did I do in Toronto? Mostly meetings (and I won’t bore you with the details of those), but I managed to find some good quality time for wandering. Almost by accident, I stumbled on Riverdale Farm which was quite close to my bed and breakfast. It did this farmer’s daughter’s heart good to see cows and horses and pigs and chickens in downtown Toronto. By lucky coincidence, the weekly farmer’s market was happening the day I stopped by, so I sat and enjoyed a cup of freshly squeezed apple juice and a delicious home-made pecan square.

I also got together with my old and dear friend Laurel, which was a treat. Laurel and I didn’t see each other for years (probably more than 10), but then when I was in Toronto last year I reconnected with her, and it was one of those reunions that you hope for, when all the missed years slip away and you are once again in the comfortable presence of a well-loved soulmate. Laurel has one of the greatest, heartwarming laughs that makes the room sparkle. Except for the unfortunate bird poop that landed in her hair while she cycled to meet me, it was a perfectly delightful time.

Another highlight of the trip was staying at this lovely bed and breakfast in downtown Toronto. I slept in a beautiful room that had a Tibetan feel to it, with rich orange and gold tones and photos and textiles to match. The hostess was everything a bed and breakfast hostess should be, and the breakfasts were treats for the taste buds.

Unfortunately, Maddie got even more sick while I was away, and ended up with a ruptured ear drum, so the trip was not without its moments of Mommy-guilt. Fortunately, I knew she was in good hands with her daddy, so I didn’t let it ruin the trip.

Perhaps this weekend I will find the time to drop in at your cyber-homes and catch up on all the posts I missed while I was away.

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