I’ve seen a lot and a lot I’ve seen
Hope I never stop dreaming if you know what I mean
Sometimes it all ends in disarray
Sometimes I feel myself slipping away

My soul’s asleep, so wake me up
My body’s fading, so wake me up
My soul’s asleep, come on and wake me up

Baby its subtle and it does it well
I just walk on through underneath that spell
Flashing lights and jamboree
I try to stay awake but I’m drifting away

I’ve seen a lot and a lot I’ve seen
Sometimes I fall through the gaps in between
And then the world it begins to sway
Pretty soon I can feel myself slipping away
Wake me up.

– Martyn Joseph

Call it restlessness, call it a “god-shaped hole”, call it “a longing for heaven”, call it “not ready for winter” blues, call it pms, call it depression, call it a sudden impulse to cry in the mall, call it “losing it over chapstick”, call it a deep sadness over an evangelical festival that seems to forget that God is a god of peace and redemption and not just judgement – call it whatever you like – my soul feels asleep these days.

It will wake up soon – it always does – but for now I guess it needs to sleep.

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