Rather ironically, shortly before this whole deception thing blew up on my blog, I made a succesful pitch to Cahoots magazine for an article on blogging and how meaningful relationships can be built on blogs. I haven’t given up on the story, even though it will now include a short section on how, just like in real life, some relationships can be precariously built on deception.

I already have the centrepiece of the article, but I need a few supporting quotes and ideas from people who have found that their blogs have helped them build meaningful relationships with people who show them compassion and support. I’m particularly interested in how blogs might help you work through difficult experiences or phases in your life – like tragedy, mental illness, postpartum depression, rough parenting times, etc.

So here’s what I’m proposing – if you’re interested in providing a response, I’d like you to answer a few questions (either as a post on your blog, a comment here, or in an email to me). I can’t promise I’ll include all of you – if alot of people jump in, I’ll have to pick and choose the quotes I need to support the article. But whether or not I use what you write, I’m still very interested in reading it.

Here goes with the questions: (Feel free to answer all or just one or two.)

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. Do you feel that you’ve developed meaningful relationships on your blog? If so, tell a story or two of a relationship that made a difference to you. How are these relationships different and/or similar to your in-person relationships?

3. Have you used your blog as a place to work out tough situations in your life? If so, what was the situation/challenge, and how did the blog help?

4. Were there people you met through blogging who helped you through those tough situations? What did they do that helped?

5. Were there ever things that you felt you could talk about on your blog to “strangers” that you couldn’t tell your flesh-and-blood friends and family?

6. Do your family and “in-person” friends read your blog? Why or why not?

7. Have you ever regretted admitting really personal things on your blog? Why or why not?

8. Have you come into conflict with anyone on your blog? Did it destroy a relationship that you valued, or was it someone you didn’t care about?

9. Do you ever think about quitting blogging? Why or why not?

10. Any other interesting stories that might be applicable?

Thanks in advance. If you write something, please leave me a comment or send an email so I know about it. Also, I’d appreciate knowing if you’re willing to share your real name for the article and the address of your blog.

And I’m going to have to assume, for the purpose of the article, that you’re telling the truth! 🙂

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