Remember the black skirt? Remember the good karma? Remember the friend who came back into my life after an absence of almost ten years?

It’s my friend Kari and she’s BACK! And she’s a blogger! She’s gonna hate me for this, but you should all go over to her blog and say hello. She’ll get mad and probably tell me I had no business sending people to her blog because “it’s boring, she’s a bad writer, she’s a techno-illiterate, blah, blah, blah” but don’t pay any attention to her self-deprecation because she’s brilliant and funny and YOU WILL LOVE HER. Besides, she’s been mad at me before (I seem to recall a drink in my face when she thought I was trying to set her up with some guy at a party), and she always gets over it quickly. Here’s hoping she hasn’t figured out a way of tossing a cyber-drink my way.

Truly, she is funny, humble, down-to-earth, bold, beautifully honest, uninhibited, and she writes a really entertaining blog. It is so much fun having her back in my life. I have the greatest memories of life with Kari, back when we were roommates. Some of the memories are kind of strange, I’ll admit. Like the night we were both laughing so hard at something (possibly at the way we were both inconsiderate slobs and our other roommate kept the place together) and I ended up lying on the floor under the rocking chair – I really don’t remember much except that I remember the view from beneath the rocking chair. Or the night we rented the movie The Music Box, but by the end of it we were both so depressed and didn’t want to go to bed on that note, so we walked to the video store in the middle of the night and rented a comedy. Or the time we got the munchies after testing a bunch of recipes in the drinks recipe book she’d bought me for my birthday and we walked to Safeway and ended up sitting on the sidewalk giggling. Or the really raunchy postcards of X-rated clubs and peepshows she used to send me from London (just to make me LAUGH people – no other reason!), addressed to my OFFICE because she didn’t want our other roommate to see them.

For years, I knew there was a hole in my life because Kari wasn’t there anymore. She keeps me grounded in a way few people can. She has a unique way of making me feel normal and special and reasonably well-balanced despite my many quirks and flaws. She knows some of my deep dark secrets, my insecurities, and my stains and she loves me anyway. (‘Course she has no choice because I know HER deep dark secrets too. Mwa-ha-ha.)

Now that we’re both moms we can continue to laugh at our failures and flaws and the way we’re messing up our children and feel a little more sane because we’re not the only one in these shoes. Welcome back Kari!

Here we are, back in the days of our youth. Kari’s the one in the middle.

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