Since Melissa is surfing the web checking out other people’s jewellery (I think she has her eye on Marnie’s new Disney necklace), I thought I’d answer her question and show her what my ring looks like. I’m not sure which one you were asking about Melissa, but here’s the pinkie ring I bought about 20 years ago at some roadside jewellery stand in Arizona…
pinkie ring

And here’s the one my husband found under the seat of our old van, just before we sold it (the van, that is). Nobody else claimed it, so finders keepers.
thumb ring
Anyone else have jewellery to show Melissa? Perhaps, if you find a ring under the seat of YOUR van, you can send it to Melissa and make her Christmas a happy one.

UPDATE: Oh. My. Gosh. Did I just post pictures of my MOTHER’S hands? When did mine start looking like hers? There’s some serious roadmaps on those hands!

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