I’m starting to feel human again. Yay! Do you know how good it feels to brush your teeth and have a bath after you’ve been sick? SO good! (Again, I’m searching for a metaphor, but I got nothin’.)

I’m surprised I actually managed to post yesterday. Truth is, I was a little delirious, so you’ll have to forgive me for my lack of discretion. I was so exhausted all day, I couldn’t make it from one room to the next without stopping to rest on whatever piece of furniture was in my direct path. At one point, Marcel asked what I was doing on the couch when I’d said I was going to bed and I said, plaintively, “I just couldn’t make it that far.” I think the only reason I made it to the computer was because I had to get downstairs to throw the soiled clothes and bedding in the washing machine, and the computer chair was the closest place to rest before making my way back to bed.

I just have to say one more thing… I think my daughter Julie is growing up to be a beautiful gracious girl, and the next time I’m sick, I want her around. She brought me blankets, offered to get me drinks, and basically served me whenever she could. This morning, when I emerged from my bleariness, she brought breakfast in bed. How good is THAT? (I’ll overlook the fact that she’s fighting with her sister right now because she was so good to me yesterday.)
Update on Julie:
Today, while I sat by and watched rather groggily, she baked the most amazing blueberry muffins. I may just have discovered the perfect “after-you’ve-been-sick-and-can-barely-smell-food-let-alone-digest-it” food – Julie’s blueberry muffins! Mmmmmm…

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