I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, but here are a few I thought I could live up to…

I resolve to:
– eat chocolate when I feel like it
– play “would you rather” in the bathtub with Maddie until she outgrows it
– laugh
– read a few good books
– enjoy my husband’s kisses
– write things that inspire me
– believe in people
– forgive myself for not getting the laundry put away

– dance in the rain again
– do at least one thing that scares me

– lounge around the house in my pajamas on Saturday mornings with my daughters

– listen to good music
– find new places to wander

– let the kids have coke and chocolate for breakfast on New Year’s morning, like they’ve done every year since the turn of the century
– send a few things in the mail to special people
– go to the Folk Festival and discover a new singer-songwriter to fall in love with
– hang out in my favourite bookstore
– eat s’mores by a campfire
– play Settlers with Julie
– enjoy the company of friends
– walk to 7-11 for a Slurpee with my daughters
– gaze out the window of an airplane
– get a few more things published
– put highlights in Nikki’s hair again
– make friends with a stranger
– savour good food
– listen to the birds
– keep doing “lie-with-me-night” until the girls don’t want me in their bedrooms anymore
– paint something
– follow my calling
– write blog posts
– daydream
– read interesting magazines
– indulge myself
– show compassion
– pray
– waste time and enjoy it
– encourage my children in their giftedness
– go on a few dates with my husband
– stand up for someone
– eat a fresh mango
– give something away
– be bold
– sleep in late
– be kind to my mother
– ride my bike through the park
– eat popcorn at a movie with one, two, or three of my siblings
– stare into space
– let go of unnecessary things
– visit my dad’s grave
– play with lego
– read blogs that make me laugh, cry, smile, cringe, or snort
– sit under an acacia tree

– let my kids stay up late once in awhile
– buy sour soothers and share them with my daughters
– be present for a friend who needs me

– find joy

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