At first, when Swampwitch announced the theme for this Fun Monday, I just couldn’t decide what to highlight as the most memorable posts I’d either read or written. So I took my time thinking about it and didn’t end up signing up. Today, I’m at home with a sick child, and after too many hours of being awake during the night, holding her hair away from her face while she vomitted into the toilet, I just can’t focus on all the things I SHOULD be doing. Instead of cleaning the house or doing laundry or writing those articles that I need to write for work, I spent a little time surfing and reliving blog memories. Now I’m ready to partake of all the fun.

There have been lots of memorable posts that have provided wonderful insight into the lives of my many new blog friends, but this time around, I decided to keep it in the family. Today’s theme – the beauty of being “Aunty”. The following posts are about some of the wonderful people who have entered my life as nieces and nephews, and the equally incredible people who are their Mommies.

My sister ccap has been blogging about as long as I have. At first, we didn’t tell each other we were doing it, but it didn’t take long for the secret to get out. Her memorable post is called “Grace” and it’s about the long journey from being “favoured Aunt” to “the one and only Mommy who soothes my tears and fears”. Ccap has been an incredible Aunty to my daughters, and in fact they often think of her as their “second mom”. But as every Mommy knows, the leap from Aunty to Mommy, especially if it is long in coming, is still a huge and significant one.

My sister-in-law, Accidental Poet, has also been blogging nearly as long as I have. One day she sent me an email that said “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.” And thus we stepped into each other’s blog worlds. Her memorable post is actually a series of posts that have the theme of “Seven Years Ago”. The seven years ago that she was referring to was the incredible event of adopting a very special little boy named B. The first of the series is here, and it’s actually about the death of her father which preceded the entry of B into their lives. Of the series, my personal favourite is the one in which I met little B – a very unexpected and delightful event that will forever rank among the favourite moments of my life.

The two little people at the centre of these posts are just two of the seven little people who call me Aunty. Each one of them is special and unique, and if any of the other parents blogged, I’d probably link to them too. There is something incredibly delightful about watching these little people come into the world and grow into the people they were meant to be.

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