Today I am stuck
It’s raining again
The tire on my bike is flat
Sleep didn’t cooperate last night
The carbon monoxide tester woke us this morning (does this mean the furnace might need to be replaced? Groan)
Someone emailed me to say “get your act together and show some appreciation for so-and-so who’s feeling neglected”
I got another rejection letter in my inbox
I haven’t written anything creative in ages
I can’t seem to remember how to write anything creative
My work is piling up all around me
I’m losing a staff person, which means more work to add to my piles
There’s some conflict that I need to step into the middle of
There’s chocolate milk dribbled down my kitchen counter, and when I saw it this morning, I just shrugged and walked away – too many messes to think about
Somebody important wants me to come meet them in Montreal
but it happens the same week somebody important needs me to be here
to organize something even more important
so I might not be able to go
I think I’ve managed to disappoint someone
maybe more than one “someone”
I’m tired
I can’t seem to organize myself out of chaos
I have too much to do
I don’t know where to begin
I have to notify a bunch of people that we’re losing one of our staff people
I have to figure out how to get all the work done that the person used to do
without losing my mind
My in-box is overflowing
I doubt myself today
I might feel better if the sun would come out
and I could go for a walk
I can’t seem to get anything done
because I’m stuck
in a rut
It feels like too much today.

(Sorry about the whine. It’s all I’m capable today. I’ll try harder tomorrow.)

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