1. Why is it that no matter which direction I’m cycling, the wind always seems to be going the other way? I think while I’m at work, it does a little happy “let’s mess with Heather” dance and then switches directions, just in time for my ride home.

2. Speaking of cycling – aren’t you supposed to lose weight if you exercise in a sauna? Then why haven’t I lost twenty pounds cycling in 30-40 degree (Celsius, that is) heat these past two weeks? Especially against wind?

3. I need a haircut.

4. I tried to check out the liquidation sale at United Army Surplus during my lunch hour today, but the line up of people just waiting to get into the store wrapped all the way around the building. Apparently, lots of people are in the market for cheap camping gear. I’ll pass.

5. Why do hotdogs only taste good when they’re bought from a street vendor outside on a lovely summer day?

6. Do you know how weird it is to live nearly forty years of your life with a mother whose daily longing (not to mention pleading) it is that her children and grandchildren will come to visit, and then suddenly one day you find she can barely fit you into her busy social/travel schedule?

7. At the same time, it is a pleasure to see her so happy after a trip to Alaska.

8. In the final results, Marcel’s dragonboat team came in eighth out of 51 teams. Our team came in twentieth. He claims it’s because of their Metis heritage and all the canoes their ancestors paddled. I claim it’s because he was the oldest person on a team of young, virile university students.

9. Oops – I may get into trouble for calling my husband “old”. He tries to forget that most of the other students in his university classes are young enough to be his children.

10. My children have discovered that if they mix a batch of cookie dough, it’s more fun to eat the batter than to make the cookies.

11. The other day, while I cycled home, I was almost run over by a woman smoking a cigarette AND talking on her cell phone while driving a car. Woman, your lifestyle is NOT compatible with driving a car. Give someone else the keys.

12. Two more days of work before my holidays. Yay!

13. I want to sit on a beach, read a good book, sleep in a tent, hang out with my children, rest from an absolutely insanely busy month at work, help my sister celebrate her new house, go on an anniversary date with my husband, ride my bike WITH wind, glance back in my bike’s rearview mirror and see my children behind me, eat ice cream, enjoy an evening drink on our new little front yard patio, turn off the alarm clock, go on a road trip, sit around a campfire, watch butterflies, get my feet wet, and have a picnic. Not necessarily in that order.

14. This will be one of the first times I’ll take summer vacation without any “projects” in mind. I don’t plan to renovate any bathrooms, paint any bedrooms, or try to accomplish anything more significant than preparing an occasional meal.

15. One exception to #14 – I’ll help my sister move. But that will be a delight, not a chore.

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