When I got home from work today, the girls came running toward me.

Julie: “Mom – come see the brownies I made!” Sure enough, a fresh pan of delectable brownies greeted me in the kitchen. Just because she felt like it. I think I’ll keep her.

Maddie: “Mom – come see the playhouse I made!” In the basement – in the big empty space that’s still awaiting floor finishing from the renovation-project-that’s-sucking-the-life-out-of-me was an imaginative play-world, complete with a princess who was attending her first day of school, assorted stuffed animals who were in the playroom at daycare, a computer made of a discarded box, and several other rooms that all had unique purposes. I think I’ll keep her.

Later tonight, Nikki was telling me what songs she’d uploaded onto her new iPod. “This Crowded House song is on there because it reminds me of Grandpa.” That seemed a little odd, since I can’t ever imagine my dad listening to Crowded House. “It was on the radio when we were on our way to the farm when we’d found out that Grandpa died. I’ll always remember that.” I think I’ll keep her.

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