I stopped at the mall last night to pick up some pictures, and on my way through Chapters Bookstore, I heard some familiar music playing and decided to investigate. Alan Frew from Glass Tiger was doing an old familiar tune, and because I was once a bit of a Glass Tiger fan (I saw them perform live back in the early 90s), I hung around a bit to try to figure out why Alan Frew was in a bookstore.

Turns out he’s written a book. “The Action Sandwich – a six-step recipe to success by doing exactly what you’re already doing.” Huh – isn’t that handy – I can do EXACTLY what I’m already doing and end up successful?

I haven’t read the book, so I suppose I have no right to be judgmental, but I just can’t help myself. Does the world really NEED another self-help/motivational book about six easy steps to success? Especially one from a rock star?

I enjoyed this quote from an Amazon review of the book… “During a reminiscence of meeting and singing with Rod Stewart, Frew states “Who’d believe it?” and goes on to declare, “The Action Sandwich would!”, referring to the action sandwich as a person.” Hmmm… gotta get me one o’ those ACTION SANDWICHES! Maybe I can sing with Rod Stewart! Or not.

If you’ve picked up one of these books for me for Christmas, better ask for your money back.

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