Two years ago, I wrote a post about all the things you should NOT do if you’re applying for a job (at least if you’re applying for a job where I’ll be your manager). I just finished reading through 57 resumés, and I hate to tell you, at least half of those people did NOT BOTHER TO READ my very helpful post. C’mon people!

Telling me that you were “led by the Spirit” to apply for the job is not going to guarantee that I am “led by the Spirit” to hire you! And including a picture on your resumé? Unless you’re applying for a job at Moxies or Hooters, I can’t imagine when it would EVER be advisable to add the picture. And if you ever think that six pages of fine print wherein you brag non-stop about how wonderful you are is going to be read with delight – guess again. 57 resumes is a LOT of reading to do, and you’ve just guaranteed yours will be barely skimmed through.

Just one other thing… don’t EVER, under any circumstances, include phrases such as “do you really want to pass up the opportunity to meet with me?” Or “Look no further!” Or “I am confident you’ve found the right person in me.” Let me be the judge of that!

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