That old blog template was getting tired. Plus I needed a little colour to help fend off the doldrums in the middle of this cold snap we’re having.

There are good reasons why the new header doesn’t include any recent pictures…It’s because you can’t see my face these days! That’s right – it really is THAT cold!

In other news, thanks to the link from the wonderful-Andrea-who-finds-the-coolest-artsy-stuff-online I made a funky tote bag out of fused plastic bags. I love it! Don’t throw away your plastic bags!
If you live in my vicinity and have an abundance of plastic bags, I’d be happy to take them off your hands. The girls are jealous of my funky bag, but I don’t have enough shopping bags around the house to make any for them (I’ve gotten pretty good at bringing my own bags to the store).

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