Is it Thursday today? I’m really not sure, but in case it is, here are thirteen things I don’t want to forget about this trip.

1. The little girl in Barguna who followed me around grinning and reciting her new English words “We are all connected.”

2. The giggling little girl in the low caste Musahar village where no on else smiled for the first hour of our visit.

3. Sitting on the boat, listening to the drumbeats along the shore.

4. Children running through the village covered in paint from the Holi festival.

5. The woman who proudly showed us her sewing machine and ner new sewing skills.

6. Those moments in airports when we were greeted by our hosts and I could relax because the planning had been successful and nobody’s wires had been crossed.

7. The relief of two exceptionally good camera men.

8. Rickshaw rides.

9. Darting through chaotic traffic and emerging alive on the other side.

10. Standing at the top of ferry boats and watching other boats go by.

11. Sleeping in a clean guest house after too many nights of bed bugs and dirty sheets.

12. All that lovely fabric coming home in my luggage.

13. Flower petals thrown by giggling school children.

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