Back in 2003, SARS, West Nile virus, mad cow disease, and bird flu all hit Canada within a 3 month period (more or less). And where was I at the time? Working in media relations at the only lab in the country that had live culture of all of those diseases and was doing research and diagnostics on them. I fielded 600 media calls in 3 months. Talk about trial by fire! CBC, BBC, 60 Minutes, NPR, Nipon TV (Japan) – they all had my number.

Fast forward five years… a global food crisis hits, and where am I? Doing media relations (among other things) at the only NGO in the country focused solely on global hunger issues. Reporters are putting me on speed dial once again. I haven’t gotten close to the 600 mark yet, but there’s still time.

Fortunately, I perform well under pressure. For awhile, anyway. There’s always a breaking point.

(For those of you in Winnipeg who might have caught the 2 page feature on hunger, featuring our organization – that was one of my photos on the second page. It’s the picture of a woman carrying a bag of rice.)

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