(I wrote this the last time my sister was expecting a baby. I was going to write something new this time, but when I read it, I couldn’t come up with enough inspiration to change it. So here’s to recycling – with a few changes…)

To Jack
I can’t wait to meet you
little one
I can’t wait to hold my cheek against yours
to kiss the top of your head
and let you wrap your little fingers
around my thumb

I wonder
will you be dark like your daddy (and sister)
will you have red hair like your grandpa
will your laugh ring out with delight
like your mommy’s
will you be effervescent and bold
like your sister
will you always want to play “would you rather”
like your cousin
will your compassion be your compass
like your grandma

I hope
you will be innocent yet wise
questioning yet accepting
compassionate yet strong
bold yet cautious
fanciful yet practical
cynical yet full of wide-eyed wonder

I know
you will be blessed beyond words
a daddy who will
adore you and spend hours just gazing at you
a mommy who will
help you dance to the mystery of life
and delight in discovering the world through your eyes
a sister who will
show you all the wonders of the world
and introduce you to all of her favourite people
a grandma who will
climb trees with you and
teach you about love
a mémère and pépère who will spoil you
cousins who will smother you with kisses
and lead you to adventure
aunties and uncles who will
fight over who gets to hold you
and be there for you ever moment you need them

I want
to watch you grow
to see you dance
to follow you for hours when you learn to walk
(especially if it’s at Folk Festival)
to hear you laugh
to be there when you need a grown-up who’s not mommy or daddy
to read you stories
and to see parts of the world with you that you’ve never seen before

I love you already little one
you will enter the world
surrounded and protected
by love

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