Marcel is a teacher! He just got his first substitute teaching job today! He’s getting PAID to teach!

After 5 and a half years of university, lots of stress and agony, way too many assignments that I had to edit… he’s actually teaching!

He got thrown into the deep end today – teaching high school French Immersion (and two of his classes are law). Yikes! His French is a little weak for that. But the electronic “sub-finder” that called our house last night lets you either “accept” or “decline” and doesn’t give you an option for “wait a second – I have to call my husband home from his cousin’s place and let HIM decide.” So I hit “accept” and thus launched him rather haphazardly into his teaching career.

I just got an email from him saying he’s doing well and the students are quite well behaved. Whew!

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