We rush through the stages with the first one, excited for every new thing they do. By the time the third child comes around, it’s become old hat and, when we look back, we can barely remember when they cut their first tooth, when they learned to walk, or when they first said “mommy”.

Sometimes I’m caught off guard how much Maddie has developed while I was busy not paying enough attention. Today she was determined to cook me lunch. She had a little trouble with the can opener (note to self: buy a left-handed can opener if she continues to show an interest in cooking), but once it was opened, she emptied the soup into the pot, added the water, stirred it while it got hot, then ladeled it into my bowl. She also opened a can of juice concentrate, added water, stirred, and filled a glass for me. She was very proud to sit down with me and eat the meal she had prepared.

“Tomorrow, maybe I’ll cook you supper and you and Daddy can just sit and relax.”

Here’s hoping she’ll soon be cooking me the kind of meals Liz gets to enjoy when her kids cook!

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