Having my picture on the front page of the Christian Week won’t exactly make me a household name, but it’s kinda fun none-the-less. (Although my friend said that the picture makes me look like I’m now a bonafide “Missionary”. Ha!) In the “don’t believe everything you read in the media” file, though (not even the CHRISTIAN media), the article says I was in Bangladesh “helping to distribute rice after Cyclone Sidr.” Not true. The only rice I handled made its way into my own stomach. (With the exception of one plateful after maggots were discovered.)
Oh… and then there’s my poem that came out in the most recent edition of Rhubarb. I think if you click on the image, you can probably read it.

And in today’s edition of the Globe and Mail (a national newspaper in Canada), an essay by yours truly. You can read it here (at least for today – it might not work tomorrow.)

I have one other magazine piece coming out soon, but I’m not sure when.

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