I took a day off work today and went on a little pilgrimage – to some of the places that hold pieces of my past.


(“Tonight I am the Wind” by Kerri Woelke)

Update: In case you’re wondering about the places in the video, here’s a list:

Clip 1 – on the highway between Winnipeg and Arden, my home town

Clip 2 – the farm where I grew up (this is the back view where you can see the dilapitated buildings that used to be my dad’s barns. The front view of the house is no longer visible because the trees my mom and brother planted have grown so big they’ve obscured the view.)

Clip 3 – the pasture that used to hold my dad’s sheep, where his sign is still leaning against a hydro pole

Clip 4 – driving through downtown Arden, past the post office, the grocery store, and the municipal office

Clip 5 – walking across the White Mud River on the swinging bridge in Lansdowne Community Park in Arden (where we spent many a happy summer afternoon and where my siblings and I were all baptized)

Clip 6 – my dad’s grave in the Arden cemetery, perched on top of Arden Ridge (he’s got the best spot in the cemetery, next to some of the only trees in the cemetery)

Clip 7 – my dad’s grave

Clip 8 – the ditch where my dad died, crushed by his tractor and bailer

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