Maddie had minor surgery this morning (tubes in her ears), and only a couple of hours later she is up and about and feeling fine (though the sounds she’s now hearing are surprising her in their intensity). The same little girl who had a major panic attack (and took a few years off Mommy’s life) a few weeks ago when she had to get blood taken was a brave little trooper today, practically bounding down the hall with the nurse, hanging onto Joe Banana and Lolly Lobster (who traveled back from the east coast with me specially for the event) looking forward to the watermelon-scented gas she’d soon be breathing in to put her to sleep. The procedure was so fast, Marcel and I barely made it to the cafeteria for coffee and chai latte before they were calling us back in to be with her when she woke up.

In other news, I am back from a few delightful days spent in PEI and Nova Scotia. It was a mini “speaking tour” (doesn’t that make me sound all important?) with three speaking engagements in one day, and then some time spent with our new volunteers in the region. I’ll be back soon to tell you a little story about some new friends, a lovely serendipitous moment in a magical gift shop, and one of the most wonderful gifts I’ve every received. Add all of that to a few amazing meals of fresh fish, scallops (pronounced “scullops” by the locals), and lobster, and I was a happy, happy girl.

For now, though, I must spend a little time cuddling with my brave little girl (who just came to ask me if there were any restrictions against eating Halloween candy after surgery :-).

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