When I am feeling strong, I remind myself of the bold things that I have done, like jumping out of an airplane, taking on a major project that required tricky negotiations with foreign bureaucracies, quitting a secure government job for one with less pay but more passion, traveling to places where there are bedbugs and threats of war, and sending my writing out into the great unknown world of publishing.

When I am feeling weak, I remember the times when I have backed down from conflict, not reached out to a friend because I thought I might get rejected, watched other people get hurt without standing up to the bully, not taken chances with my writing and art, and let exciting opportunities pass me by because I was afraid I would fail.

Lately, I’ve been recognizing more and more often the many times that fear has stood in the way of opportunities. This year, I want to be a little more fearless.

When I am fearless…

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