• Nikki is back home in the fold – safely returned from her week-long exchange trip to Quebec. She had a lovely time, and only let on to being homesick once. She’s happy to be speaking English again, though she said by the end of a week living with a French family, she was actually starting to think in French.
  • Speaking of French, with Maddie being our third and final child to enter French Immersion school, I am fast becoming the only family member not fluent in French. I keep thinking I should learn it some day, but languages just don’t come easily for me, so I get a little overwhelmed with the brain-work I’d have to put into it.
  • Facebook is a truly wierd world to be in. Some days I enjoy it (like when I get to interact with my daughter in Quebec, send her silly videos that her dad and I take, and then check out the pictures she and her friends post after the trip), but some days I just find it awkward and strange. Like… do I really want to be “friends” with that guy that I barely said two words to in high school? And should I or should I not be “friends” with staff-members who have to report to me? What about my daughters’ friends? And don’t even get me started about those people who collect “friends” like a high school popularity contest!
  • One of my co-workers became a dad last week – to a wee tiny 1.7 lb very premature baby. So far, he’s doing well, but I know they’ll have a rocky road ahead of them.
  • I’m glad I have a husband who stays on top of things – like the fact that Maddie needed valentines cards for the school party. I’m pretty bad at keeping my OWN life organized, let alone the lives of my children!
  • Speaking of my husband, his vast knowledge of Louis Riel facts just won him a t-shirt from CBC radio.

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