For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this little fantasy. I’m on an airplane. I look over and spot someone reading a book or an article I’ve written. I lean over and ask them how they enjoy it and they wax poetic about the amazing writing before they spot my picture on the back of the book (or next to the article) and realize I wrote it.

It was one of those little stories I used to tell myself when I’d imagine what it would be like to be a REAL writer.

Though it wasn’t fully realized, that little dream came very close to coming true today. Several people were reading the Globe on the plane, and though I never spotted anyone reading my piece, I’m just going to let myself believe that they were reading it while I was catching a little shut-eye. Heck, I can even imagine that the guy sitting next to me wasn’t listening to the new U2 album on his iPod, but instead had downloaded the podcast so he wouldn’t miss one scintillating moment! Smile.

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