A few random things that aren’t quite as self-centred as the last few posts have been…

1. I have become a little obsessed with desire to see this film. I was already fascinated with it months ago when I first heard about it, but now have become even more so after hosting a strong and passionate Liberian woman in my home. It costs about $300 to host a community showing of the film. This morning it occurred to me that I could probably rally enough interested women to make it worthwhile ordering a copy and planning an event. Anyone interested in joining me?

2. I want to believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, but if he is indeed guilty, I sincerely hope Rihanna has the sense and strength to walk away from Chris Brown. I don’t normally care much about the “lifestyles of the rich and famous”, but my impressionable daughters care a little too much, and they need to know that it is NOT OKAY for a man to beat a woman and then for a woman to walk back into the situation (unless he gets some good help and is truly reformed).

3. Every fibre of my being is longing for Spring! It is not healthy for me right now to be visiting blogs of people who live in places where grass is starting to grow and buds are bursting out all over. If you post pictures like that, I may have to ignore you for a month or so until it happens here.

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