This is my fourth morning wrapped in the loving arms of my creative sanctuary. Aaaaahhhhh! This is so much fun, I’m dreaming of quitting my job and figuring out how to make a living doing what I love right here in this studio. This morning I wrote a “how I can quit my job and still have food on the table” list, and I’m pretty sure I can do this within the next year.

Part of the fun in my studio yesterday morning involved the final “chapter” of the Wreck this Journal saga – a saga that has been very closely aligned with the creating of my studio, and the dreaming and building of my new website (it’s happening people!). For this particular wrecking, I decided to explore the intersection between creativity and destruction, while I figured out a way to commemorate and immortalize the Journal as a symbol (and as a companion) of my creative journey.

Check out what I created with my wreckage! And if you stick around right to the bitter end, you’ll catch a glimpse of the “history of the artist as a young woman”. I’m won’t tell you everything, but it involves something about paper dolls and horses…


Here are some links to some earlier wreckage…
The beginning (including the pictures of hiding a page in the wall)
Wrecking with the kids (includes bicycles, swings, and a Slurpee machine)
Wrecking with a friend (and a generous stranger)
Wrecking graveside (visiting my son’s burial place)

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