I feel like I’ve been raised from the dead. Okay, so maybe that’s a little over-dramatic, but at least I’ve returned from that “hanging-over-the-toilet-seat” sickness that feels a little like death. And, trust me, I know how to do that sickness well – complete with fainting spells almost every time I throw up. It’s not a pretty sight. (Or so they tell me – I don’t remember the part where my body goes limp, my eyes roll back in my head, and I start to twitch and make clicking sounds.)

What a disappointment – to get sick on the first full day of Folk Festival! Julie was sick too, and her and I spent the day in bed together trying not to hate all of the lucky people we know who were enjoying the day at the Festival.

But today I feel human again! Not perfect, but at least human, and I get to go to the Folk Festival! Oh, it’s a happy, happy day! The sun is shining, my Mad Nomad chair is waiting, and I might actually be able to muster the appetite for a whale’s tail!

It’s my 26th year for this pilgrimage – yes, it’s just that good!

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