Just a few random things as the week draws to a close (or the next week opens, depending on where you place Sunday).

– It’s been a lovely, happy week, full of excitement over the new site, partying with friends, and relaxing vacation time with the family.
– I go back to work tomorrow. Vacation is over too soon. Sigh.
– Marcel and I just got back from a brief time away. We celebrated our 16th anniversary at a lakeside hotel with a glorious view of Lake of the Woods (in Kenora). The weather was disappointing (and resulted in the cancellation of our planned dinner cruise), but it was still SO nice to get away with my best friend and lover for a couple of days.
– I really enjoyed being on the radio yesterday. It may sound narcissistic, but the truth is, I really get energy from public speaking, media interviews, etc. I hope to do more of that in connection with my new site.
– I feel very blessed by the encouragement I’ve received this week. I think the new site is touching people in the right way, and that makes me very, very happy.
– Just now, Maddy was working on a craft project on the floor by my feet, and she said “Why don’t they make scissors for the feet so the hands don’t have to do all the work?”
– My mom comes home from Europe this week. I haven’t seen her in over 3 months.
– The girls and I went to see Julie and Julia and I LOVED IT! There was so much good about it – great character development, great portrayal of the struggles of 2 women trying to believe in themselves, and one of my favourite things – two really lovely supportive marriages that seem altogether too rare in Hollywood’s depiction of marriage.
– I’m going to really, really miss my mornings in my studio.
– I have to go to bed now. Good night.

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