Some days you win, other days the most you can hope to do is try. Today, trying will have to be enough.

I’m trying…
– To not let this seriously disappointing weather get me down.
– To forgive myself for not getting much exercise while my bike sits in the garage on these wet miserable mornings.
– To have enough energy to be a good (or at least “present”) mom and wife.
– To remember that sometimes the timing isn’t right and the best thing to do is wait.
– To understand the strange dream that seemed to be trying to tell me something the other night.
– To not let this dark cloud evolve into a full-fledged depression.
– To not be jealous of all the people who are getting together for fun, creative, refreshing retreats, workshops, etc.
– To put some energy into the things I used to be passionate about (at least those things that are important at my day job).
– To not get too discouraged about some of the challenges I have at work.
– To find some time for the creative things that give me energy, like painting, writing, photography, working on my new site/business.
– To believe that some day I will have more time for the creative things that give me energy.
– To not fall into the trap of believing numbers of visitors/comments = amount of value.
– To be grateful for the compassion and understanding of friends and family.

The other day (a particularly discouraging day for a variety of reasons), I visited my son’s grave and as I stood at the grave, I made a commitment to his memory that I would continue to follow my calling despite the many things that feel discouraging right now. For you, Matthew, I will carry on.

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