I’m in Cleveland! If this trip were to end right now, it would already be worth the trip. (And the best part hasn’t even begun yet!) It has been truly wonderful. The train ride was sublime (you meet the most amazing people on a train), wandering around Chicago was delightful, meeting Connie and Sandy and Christine was everything I dreamed of and more, meandering along the shoreline of Cleveland was magical, and relaxing in the hotel room has been rejuvenating.

It’s been perfect timing, because Jamie Ridler’s book club “The Next Chapter” is studying “The Joy Diet” and the first chapter is about adding a little more of “nothing” into our lives. I’ve added it in big doses in the last few days. Sitting and staring out the train window, wandering aimlessly down the streets of 2 new cities… it’s all been a lot of joyful “nothing”, but EVERYTHING at the same time.

I know it will be whole lot harder to find 15 minute snippets in my day-to-day life to continue the practice of doing nothing, but for now, I’m certainly enjoying what I’ve got. One day at a time.

There are a whole lot more photos to come (Millennium Park is amazing at dusk), but this seemed like a suitable “nothing” shot.

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