I’m starting to like Mondays. Wierd, right? I don’t know why, but lately I’ve found myself to be quite productive and creative on Mondays (even though I often start off rather sleepy and grumpy). Maybe it’s because it’s the first day back into the routine after a couple of days off that gives my creative mind a little jolt. Maybe it’s just because I tend to be better at beginnings than middles or even ends.

In that light, I think I’m going to start a new practice on Mondays. Mindfulness Mondays – in which I try to be mindful of the things that have inspired me, the people who have comforted me, and the moments that have energized me over the past week.

Today I am mindful of:

  • the delight in the eyes of my daughter and niece as they watched the fire jugglers last night at Boo at the Zoo
  • the pleasure it gave me to facilitate a creativity workshop and watch people give themselves permission to create
  • the delight it gives me each time I re-read the creation story and remember that the very first thing God asked of the people (s)he created was that they join in the act of creation – by naming the animals
  • the fun of creating one-of-a-kind costumes with Julie and her friend
  • the recognition of the struggle Julie was going through, trying to let her friend’s work be “good enough” even though it wasn’t quite as good as she knew she could do
  • the happiness in Nikki’s face after spending time with a friend
  • the feeling of gratitude that, so far, my daughters have chosen really good friends who are positive influences in their lives (especially after hearing the story of heartache of a father whose daughter has chosen otherwise)
  • the glimpse of fire red leaves outside my kitchen window as I washed the dishes
  • the relatively gentle weather we’ve been enjoying lately
  • the comfort of a long hot bath after a day-long workshop
  • the deep knowing that I am meant to create and engage people in creativity and I will have more chances to do both, soon
  • the comfort of knowing that I have done the right thing by choosing this space (and a scaled-back online presence) over the other one.

What are you mindful of this Monday morning?

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