It’s a sure sign that I am preparing to leave on another business trip when there’s a line of Maddie’s clothes on the dining room table – one outfit for each of the days I’ll be away. Marcel’s very capable of managing the household when I’m away, but the one thing I do for him before I leave is make sure the youngest member of the family will be properly dressed.

I have flown at least a hundred times, and yet each time I do, I still get that giddy feeling of anticipation each time the wheels tuck under the body of the plane and the giant machine is airborne. I love to fly.

I am in Calgary. Tomorrow I will embark on a crazy road trip that consists of four cities in two provinces in four days. I’m fond of road trips too, but this one will be a little exhausting, especially since it’s mixed with a whole lot of “acting like an extrovert and doing the public relations side of my job”. I have my extrovert moments, but I’m glad these moments will be mixed with lots of introvert moments in the car.

Right now, though, I’m enjoying the company of my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew. It’s one of the perks of business travel – getting to hang out with people I like in different parts of the world.
Speaking of my brother, he’s a very talented Technogeek dude who’s created a very cool techno gadget that you can use for your church, your community, your family, your business – whatever – to share reminders like prayer requests, meeting details, or whatever you want to share in a little gadget that shows up on everyone in your group’s computers. Read about it here.

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