This sunny Monday morning, I am mindful of:
– Sunshine. Lots of it. And warmth too.
– The vision and artistry of the people who designed The Forks in our city. It’s a truly lovely place to hang out on a Saturday morning.
– Sitting on the bench where Marcel and I pledged our lives to each other. And the 18 and a half rocky, beautiful, painful, happy, fun, agonizing, rewarding, frustrating years since then.
– Watching Maddie wander with the eye of an artist.
– Watching Julie playfully play her flute on the front lawn.
– Watching Nikki tease her little cousin over their shared love of shoes.
– Watching a little four year old girl (my niece) skipping across a parking lot in her shimmery gauzy yellow dress on the way to her champagne birthday tea party.
– Seeing the look of delight and recognition on my little nephew’s face when he spotted me across a crowded church
– Hearing my smart, talented, humble, bold brother preach one of the best (and most challenging) sermons I’ve heard in a long time.
– Cinnamon buns. From the best bakery in town.
– Clean and FOLDED laundry. (Putting it away would be bonus points. I consider it a success if it’s folded and accessible to all members of the family.)
– A ladybug crawling up my arm. Still alive – in November.
– Sleep. Pure delicious uninterrupted sleep.

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