1. Maddie just kicked my butt at the Winnie the Pooh stamp game. I’m licking my wounds and she’s dancing on my pain. Ah, the callousness of children.

2. I’m going downstairs to watch The Border with my husband. A little mindless TV now and then? A good thing.

3. I’m completely sick and tired of hearing about Sarah Palin. I wish the media would just shut up about her already. WHY are they giving her so much air time? (And PLEASE don’t tell me they’re going to give her a talk show.)

4. This morning I heard Linda Duxbury talk about the crazy burn-out there tends to be among middle managers and suddenly the last six months TOTALLY made sense.

5. Tomorrow is my “take a day off to recouperate from all the intense travel and writing board reports and hiring new staff time lately”. Yay.

6. I’m declaring tomorrow “play with paint” day. My only goals for the day involve making fun things and getting some rest.

7. Saturday is our second annual three-generational Christmas baking party. Anyone have any great suggestions for recipes for Christmas goodies?

8. Six months of stress? Yeah, well, it seems it equals about 15 pounds of extra weight to add to the whack I already had to lose. Blah. That’s all I have to say on THAT subject. (Except for this one thing – WHY do I have to gain most of my weight in my boobs?!?)

9. I bought some groovy new mitts. I don’t remember ever having mitts that I loved for their colourful funkiness before.

10. Adding a little colour to my winter wardrobe makes me want to go out and buy a fun and colourful parka. That may have to be my Christmas present to myself.

11. I’m going to see Twilight with my oldest 2 daughters tomorrow night. I’m a little embarassed to admit I’m looking forward to it. Yes, I read all of the books and enjoyed them more than I expected.

12. Given those 15 extra pounds, wouldn’t you think I’d have had the good sense NOT to eat that Rolo ice cream tonight? Sigh.

13. Maddie is taking her fish Bobbert to show and tell tomorrow. Here’s hoping there are no mishaps.

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