1. If you’re interested in the continued adventures of Flat Madeline, check out Maddie’s blog. I think the 3D Madeline is getting jealous of all of her grand adventures. I know I am.

2. I was interviewed by Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I really enjoyed doing the interview because it helped me work through some of the things I’ve been wrestling with lately.  If you want to know more about my work and why I’ve renewed my passion for it, check it out. Connie and I have been down similar paths lately, and it always seems that in the midst of my deepest wrestling, I get the most delightful emails from her.

3. I took a sick day yesterday. I was fighting a cold the whole week I was traveling, and though I didn’t feel too bad then, I think it caught up with me yesterday.  Mostly, I just needed a day of rest.

4. Last night was the last “winter concert” with all three of the girls at the same school. Nikki and Julie thought they were done with concerts (normally they only do them up to grade 6), but this year the grade 7 & 8 bands participated. Next year, Nikki is off to HIGH SCHOOL! Gulp. (Side note… Seriously – if they’re going to call it a “winter concert” and there’s nothing to do with Christmas in the content, why can’t they have it in January or February when our lives are a little less busy?)

5. Winter concerts always cause me a great deal of stress because I’m just NOT one of those organized moms who has nice little outfits picked out for each of the kids months in advance of a big event.  Every year I know it’s coming, and every year I’m left scrambling to find the appropriate clothing. Oh it’s black pants/skirts and white shirts this year? Hmmm…. does anyone HAVE black pants? Or a white shirt without a stain on it?  Last night’s concert was preceded with a frantic visit to the thrift store for a pair of black shoes, followed by another frantic visit to the thrift store for a pair that FIT, followed by an equally frantic visit to the over-crowded mall for a black skirt, followed by a frantic mom hemming a pair of black pants. In the end, all were dressed and clean and we were even EARLY arriving at the concert! (But supper consisted of that evil entity known as “fast food”.)

6. I have never EVER left my Christmas shopping to this late in the season. Oh dear. This may be the year of the gift cards.

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