Today’s guest blogger is Darrah Parker, a delightful blogger and photographer whose blog (and tweets) just makes me feel happy and inspired.  She’s been taking some bold steps lately, and I’m really inspired by her. When Darrah got married recently, I sent her a plaque that said “laughter”, because I have a feeling that if you spend much time in Darrah’s presence, you will do a lot of laughing.

Fumbling for words.
Fumbling for answers.
Fumbling for knowledge.
Fumbling for confidence.
Fumbling for hope.
Fumbling for trust.
Fumbling for joy.

When Heather asked me to be a guest blogger, I said yes immediately. I adore Heather and have enjoyed witnessing her journey. I admire her honesty, her authenticity, and her ability to express all of it with grace. What an honor it would be to be a guest in her home!

But when I sat down to write this post, I found myself unsure of where to begin and fumbling for words. I guess I came to the right place!

I recently embarked on a new life and took a leap of faith, quitting my job and starting a business. It is all very exciting, but if I’m completely honest, it is also frightening – like the “Holy crap. What have I done?” kind of frightening. I know I have made the right choice and that I have what it takes to live the life of my dreams. But for every thing I feel confident in, there are ten other things I don’t feel confident in. For every moment of victory and joy, there are just as many moments of uncertainty and fumbling.

This whole idea of “fumbling” got me thinking. After all, isn’t that what we are all doing? We think that everyone else has it together. Everyone else has it figured out. Everyone else knows more. Everyone else is two steps ahead. But guess what?

They’re all fumbling.

And if they’re not fumbling now, they were fumbling at some point in the past and they will certainly fumble again in the future. Just having the knowledge that I’m not alone in my fumbling makes me feel better. Breathe deeper. Go easier on myself.

So the next time you witness greatness and those “if only” thoughts start creeping in (i.e. “If only I could be that good at X” or “If only I had more time for Y” or “If only I knew more about Z”), remember that everyone had to start somewhere. Even the best of the best fumbled. But instead of crumbling under the pressure, they pushed through, they dug deep, and they succeeded. You want to know why?

They believed in themselves.

They believed in themselves even when the odds were against them. They believed in themselves even when they were scared. They took one step at a time and believed in themselves even when they knew there was a long road ahead of them.

So, fellow fumblers, it’s time we embrace fumbling as part of the process, trust that we have everything we need, and enjoy the ride! After all, nobody ever got from point A to point C without going through point B. And point B is a mighty juicy place to be.

Darrah Parker is a latte drinking, often giggling, Seattle lovin’ and livin’, creative path exploring, mac ‘n’ cheese eating, husband hugging, camera toting gal with a dream. She shares her photography and writes about living a creative life on her blog, artcetera.

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