Flip… I believe I am a good writer and that I have a lot to offer. This blog is an interesting place for people to hang out.
Flop… I am convinced I’m wasting my time and should just step aside and let the REAL writers do their thing. This blog is a boring waste of time.
Flip… I can’t believe how lucky I am to have so many good friends and connections with amazing, creative people all over the world.
Flop… I must be a horribly uninteresting person because everybody seems to be having fun with each other and forgetting to invite me.
Flip… I am a creative person and I have so many worthwhile ideas and the capacity to inspire people in their creativity.
Flop… There are way more creative people in the world than me and I shouldn’t waste my time trying to fit in.
Flip… I’m doing a good job at being a mother and I’m giving my kids a healthy space to grow into interesting, unique, and independent individuals.
Flop… I am such a lousy mother – my kids have to dig through laundry baskets for clean socks AND I feed them way too much trashy food. Every OTHER mother has a spotless home and wholesome goodies waiting for their kids when they come home from school.
Flip… I have a great idea for a book and lots of people will love it when they read it. It’s meant to be shared because people will be inspired by it.
Flop… Who am I trying to kid? This idea is stupid and that must mean that I am stupid because I fooled myself into thinking it was a good idea.
Flip… I’m intelligent and well-learned and I can carry on interesting conversations with almost anyone.
Flop… I’m not nearly as smart as most of the people I know and I really suck at starting conversations. No wonder people are ignoring me.
Flip… I have a great capacity for connecting with people in different cultures in other parts of the world.
Flop… I really screw up a lot of relationships and people find me rather unapproachable. They’re just pretending to like me because they’re so gracious.
Flip… I am a good leader. My authenticity, honesty, vision, creativity, and drive make me an easy person for a team to follow.
Flop… I’m screwing up big time and the fact that there is resistance from some members of my team must mean that I’m a failure at leading them.
Flip… I am good at finding balance in my life. I don’t stress out too much about a messy house when it’s more important to rest, and I find ways of fitting “me time” in between the time I give to others.
Flop… I am lazy and selfish and all of my relationships are suffering because of it. OTHER people have full time jobs and kids and yet their houses are still spotless and they don’t waste so much time reading and playing.
Flip… I am okay with my body, even though it’s not as slender as I’d like it to be. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle and get regular exercise.
Flop… I’m fat and lazy and should be ashamed of how little exercise I get. This ugly body should be hidden under baggy clothes.
Ever have one of those days?

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