Today was my first day back at work and this is one of the first things I read…

???“A World Bank report found that gender violence was the cause of more ill-health among women and girls than malaria and traffic accidents combined.

“Another WHO report showed that, in some countries, up to nearly 70% of women report having been physically assaulted, and up to 47% report that their first sexual intercourse was forced. Surveys of villages in India showed that 70% of women had suffered at least two forms of physical violence in domestic abuse, and 16% of all deaths during pregnancy are from domestic abuse. Studies from Peru report that about 40% of girls will be victims of rape or attempted rape by the age of fourteen. 70% of HIV infected women and girls in South Africa report having been forced to have sex. AIDS education does little to help women and children who are contracting the virus from forced sexual encounters.” (From a lecture by Gary A. Haugen at the University of Chicago)

We still have so far to go.

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