It’s been just over a week since surgery, and I am feeling remarkably good. Still a little tender, and I tire easily, so I can’t do much yet, but I am in good spirits and can at least leave the house now and then. On doctor’s orders, I’ll be taking another week off work, but I have to admit that it feels a little like guilty pleasure to be sitting around doing nothing and feeling this good rather than working. But hey – why would I disobey doctor’s orders? This week I’m hoping to do some writing and painting, now that I can sit up for longer periods of time.

As much as I’m feeling good, I’ll be honest with you – there are some things I’m really, REALLY looking forward to:

  1. Sleeping on my side again. Oh my – this sleeping on my back thing is really getting old!
  2. Movement. Almost any kind of movement. Too much rest is not good for the body, and I swear my back and joints scream at me every morning “PLEASE MOVE US! SOON!”
  3. Getting the stitches out. Friday. Yay!
  4. Going for long walks in the Spring sunshine.
  5. Running. I was really starting to enjoy the treadmill, and now that I have less flopping, I think I’ll buy some good runners and try running outside!
  6. Buying a new bathing suit! Yes, it’s true – that is the FIRST time I’ve ever looked forward to something that has always been a pure but necessary evil. Bathing suits just aren’t made for women with watermelon jugs.
  7. Shopping for pretty bras! No more ugly functional over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders! Woot! I’m going to Victoria Secret and buying the prettiest, most frivolous bra I can find! Polka dots, frills, whatever! Just because I can.
  8. Riding my bike. It’s been lovely Spring weather around here and I am envious of people who ride past my window. I want to be on my bike in the worst way.
  9. Buying button-up shirts. When the “preparing for surgery” note told me to wear a button-up shirt so that it was easy to put on afterwards, I had to really dig for one. When the buttons have a tendency of popping, you just give up on button-ups and wear a lot of t-shirts and sweaters. But I’m buyin’ some! Soon!
  10. Yoga, dance – any kind of movement that will no longer be restricted by the extra weight I was carrying in the front.
  11. Having a bra burning party! I don’t know when or where yet, but I intend to burn those babies and I want my friends around cheering me on! If I can make it work, it may even be a pajama party. Any ideas?
  12. Less self-consciousness. Less self-criticism. Less disappointment when I look at photos of myself. 
  13. Better posture. Marcel has already commented that I’m holding myself straighter and that will only get better when there’s no more discomfort.

I’m still overweight, and I’m not foolish enough to believe that this will resolve all of my body issues, but I already feel so much better now that I’m at least a little better proportioned. The best is yet to come!

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