Yesterday Marcel was talking about how he needed to put together some Spring collages and/our video montages of photos to help inspire the students in the photography elective he’s teaching at school. Maddie jumped up and said “I can help you Dad!” Shortly thereafter, Marcel and I went out for coffee/chai and didn’t think much more of it.

When we got home, Maddie bounded out of bed because she HAD to show Dad what she’d created for him before she could drift off to dreamland. Here’s her work of art. (She wanted to add talking bubbles to the geese, but ran out of time.)

I just love how little hesitation there is in her when it comes to creativity. She never questioned whether or not she knew how to create a collage, never hesitated when it came to using software she didn’t really understand, never worried that the photos she was selecting were good enough, and never doubted that her dad would love the final product.

It seems I have a lot to learn from the bold creativity of an eight year old.

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