My apologies to the beautiful creatures who have been killed, covered in oil, or forced to watch their habitat be destroyed by this massive oil spill.

My apologies for being complicit in a system that is so tolerant of an addiction to oil that we allow oil companies to rape and pillage your habitat.

My apologies for all of the times my own greed, laziness, or assumption of entitlement have contributed to this broken system that forgets that all of creation relies on each other for survival.

My apologies for neglect, for turning a blind eye, for giving in to the ease of consumption.

My apologies for not challenging the system, for allowing it to move in this direction, for valuing “things” over life, for putting my own comfort and ease of living over your well-being.

My apologies for not trusting my own ability to have even a small influence in the radical change that is needed to help this planet be healed from the hurt we have caused.

My apologies and my deepest regret.

May your hurt serve as a beacon for us in this darkness of greed and self-indulgence.

May your suffering not be wasted.

May we reach deep in our hearts and learn from this massive mistake.

May we all find better ways of co-existing on this amazing planet crafted by the Master Artist.

Thank you, beautiful creatures, for teaching us the value of the fragile yet vibrant eco-systems we so often take for granted.

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